Lost City of Vatos

Session Recap d

The Temple of Isis and a Rough Night at the Happy Beggar
With Yana dead, the PCs considered their next move, Nadari keen to cooperate with her new employers. A stop by the temple of Isis led to the PCs making a new ally, as Nadari revealed herself to be a member of the cult of Isis. The priestess of the temple was happy to offer free healing to a fellow believer, and also some counsel on the matter of Yana. She declared that resurrecting the dead fighter was beyond her power, but in the Big City there might be a priest capable of returning her to life – the price would be great, though. The priestess offered to preserve the body of Yana from decay until the PCs could get the funds to arrange a resurrection. Somewhat cheered, the PCs went back to the Happy Beggar.

Perhaps the trauma of losing Yana caused the adventurers to celebrate too heartily – by the next morning, Alonzo was sporting a wicked scar on his face after being glassed by an enraged Dobby. Both Merlin and Nadari decided on a new mission: they would put out a call for adventurers to join in a quest to destroy the Gunge, longtime nemesis of many a tomb raider. Perhaps the free-flowing ale and wine blinded them to the enormity of their challenge, but once decided, they were bound to see it through.

The Happy Beggar and the town are now buzzing with news of Merlin and Nadari’s call to kill the Gunge for once and for all. Warriors are strapping on swords and readying flame and spell to avenge friends lost to the alien blob of the tomb, the Gunge!



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