Lost City of Vatos

Session 1 Recap b

Ba Fentu Battle
The PCs and Ba Fentu fought, but neither party had the upper hand in the first few rounds until Merlin decided things with a Sleep spell. The Ba Fentu immediately froze in place. The PCs debated whether to kill them, but decided to leave them frozen to wake after the spell wore off. The monkey-creatures’ bows were taken, along with their meagre treasure. Somewhat bruised and leery of further encounters in the tomb, the PCs decided to head back to the oasis-town a day’s camel ride away.

Meet Bardolph & his Merry Men
The PCs returned to the Antechamber just as another adventuring party were arriving. Led by Bardolph the fighter, these fresh adventurers quickly sized up Yana and Merlin, and suggested they might hire one of their ‘special’ guides back to the oasis-town. Yana and Merlin played a skilful game of verbal cat-and-mouse as they assessed the unspoken threat Bardolph and his thugs, Rorik the Filthy, and Hans, Initiate of Set, posed. Finally, Bardolph and his cronies left on their own exploration of the tomb.



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