Lost City of Vatos

Session 1 Recap

The Ba Fentu Are Watching
The map given to the PCs by Dobby had many secret doors clearly marked on it. This was a major boon; other adventurers were forced to rely on their own searches and imperfect maps to find the hidden treasures. Not so the PCs! They passed down the eastern corridor from the Antechamber, and knowing the secret door lay at the end, began searching, soon finding the outline of the door. The door opened on a corridor heading north, and continuing east. Six alcoves with statues therein lined the eastern corridor. The north corridor extended some 40 feet. The PCs began investigating the statue-alcoves, throwing a pick-axe head in their midst to see if any traps would be triggered. Nothing happened, so Yana began walking down the passage, taking note of the strange statues. As she did so, Merlin heard noises from the north passage…

Unbeknownst to the PCs, two wandering Ba Fentu had heard their movements and were cautiously investigating. The PCs caught quick glimpses of the orange-furred, cat-like monkeys. Attempts to communicate failed; the Ba Fentu had bows at the ready, and were clearly ready to fight at a moment’s notice. Dobby panicked and ran back down the corridor, with Yana in hot pursuit. The Ba Fentu took advantage of the commotion and moved down the corridor. Yana tried to show she meant no harm, but also that she was capable of handling herself in a fight. The Ba Fentu took this as an excuse to fight, and battle was joined.



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