Lost City of Vatos

Lost City of Vatos: Session 1 Recap

It Begins…
The adventurers Yana and Merlin have been led to the lost city of Vatos after the House-Elf Dobby presented them with a map purported to show the first level of the dungeon in unprecedented detail. With this ‘accurate’ map, the pair should be able to find treasures untouched as yet by the hordes of other tomb raiders coming from near and far to make their fortunes in the Pharaoh’s tomb.

The Player Characters (PCs) had to choose between entering the tomb via the old or new entries. The old entry was reportedly safer, having been explored by many others, but consequently there might be less chance of treasure. The new entry was just that, and also rumored to be close to the lair of the Fearsome Gunge, an horrific monster that had claimed the lives of many treasure seekers. The PCs chose the old entry for their first foray.

They descended by a rough-hewn tunnel which emerged into an antechamber whose floor was obscured by a sinister green fog. A rock thrown experimentally into the room did not trigger any traps, and the PCs gingerly entered. There was a door to the north, and an open corridor culminating in another door to the east. The PCs chose to head north, passing through the door and coming to face a bas relief of the god Anubis carved on a door ahead.

Attempting to open the door caused a strange green mist to flow from the dog-headed deity’s snout; the PCs made their saving throws and opened the door with a sense of relief. Beyond they found a statue of the god of knowledge, Thoth. Merlin the magician remained alone in the room while Yana and Dobby the flatulent House-Elf checked the east door of the antechamber. As he waited, six ghostly scribes emerged from the walls, sat on reed mats and began scribing. When they finished writing, they fed phantom papyri into the open mouth of ibis-headed Thoth – all very mysterious. When Merlin called out to the ghosts, they turned as one to look at him, implacable and silent.



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